Shiatsu and acupuncture are effective for body fatigue, stiffness, and pain.

Note: If you have a Japanese health insurance card, you may be able to use it depending on your symptoms, so please let us know.


<Five Popular Treatments at Tomarigi>

[Plan A]

Acupuncture Treatment Plus Shiatsu Massage (65 mins): 7150 yen including tax.

It will evenly relax deep and shallow muscles and eliminate stiffness and pain!


This is popular for those who want to try acupuncture for the first time and those who used to receive acupuncture at other clinics.

It will offer thorough care for painful parts with a focus on the upper body such as the neck, shoulders, scapulae, and waist.

It is our most popular combination with the synergy effect of an approach with deep points from acupuncture and of evenly improved blood circulation from shiatsu.



[Plan B]

Shiatsu Massage (65 mins): 7150 yen including tax.

Recover from fatigue comfortably!


Our shiatsu massage is a standard treatment with attentive and careful use of shiatsu and anma massage.

It is highly recommended for regular maintenance as your whole body is relaxed fully, especially at the painful parts.



[Plan C]

Beauty Acupuncture & Facial Beauty Shiatsu (30 mins): 6600 yen including tax.

Stay young-looking by increasing the muscle metabolism of your face!


This is a combined course of popular beauty acupuncture and facial shiatsu massage.

It is an effective and highly satisfying treatment that combines acupuncture and facial shiatsu.

Note:  If you use a six-time ticket, it will be 5000 yen per treatment and is a very good deal.



[Plan D]

Beauty Acupuncture & Facial Beauty Shiatsu Plus Shiatsu Massage (65min): 10450 yen including tax.

Facial care is not enough for the beauty of your face!


Physical health and beauty are two sides of the same coin.

The partial facial treatment is performed with beauty acupuncture and facial beauty shiatsu that have many repeaters, and then it will carefully relax your neck, shoulders, scapulae and the like related to swelling and color of your face.

It is popular for those who care about both beauty and health!



[Plan E]

Foot Massage Plus Shiatsu Massage (65min): 7150 yen including tax.

You can refresh your legs and body!


For those who feel swelling of the legs and fatigue of the lower body, waste metabolism that lets lymph and blood flow fully with a foot massage using massage cream is effective.

Targeting the root of your leg fatigue, this massage carefully glides from the soles of your feet, to your calves and below your knees, and your waist and buttocks will be relaxed.